Thursday, December 26, 2013

Drawing Philosophy

Philosophy Time
Adventure Time is already philosophical, so why not make it official?
I have lately rediscovered my love of drawing, and since I am supposed to be spending my time working on philosophy, I thought why not fuse the two activities by drawing philosophers.  

Admittedly, I'm not good with hands, but there is something about Nietzsche that makes a paw seem appropriate...
As you might imagine, Nietzsche has been my main preoccupation (his mustache is just too damn hard to resist, but I have been trying to branch out.

It's either Kant or Sylvester Stallone doing a period piece...
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Kierkegaard and Kant both have surprisingly pouty lips...
I have noticed myself noticing more since I started drawing again, and in particular noticing how one can see the world as to-be-drawn.  When I look around now I can feel my hand preparing to draw what I'm looking at, leading me to further notice things about what I'm looking at—such as curves, intersections, shadows—that I had not noticed before.

I tried my hand at David...
To try Michelangelo's Nietzsche...

I have similarly begun to notice things about the philosophers themselves that I had not noticed before—such as how pouty were the lips of Kant and Kierkegaard, or the evolution of Nietzsche's magnificent 'stache.  Perhaps drawing philosophers is indeed a way to get to know the philosophers in a way that their works alone could not provide...
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