Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Marx and Kierkegaard!

Couldn't think of what else to get Marx and Kierkegaard, so I drew them this...

From Joakim Garff's Søren Kierkegaard: A Biography, an anecdote about the time Marx and Kierkegaard met, perhaps:
...Friedrich Schelling, a shy man but perhaps romanticism's greatest philosopher, who in 1841 had just been appointed to Berlin to combat the all-engulfing Hegelianism and who was now lecturing to a packed house on his Philosophy of Revelation. The crowd was enormous, as was the noise, and not a few showed up in vain and were compelled to stand outside, knocking on the windows of the auditorium in which, incidentally, Karl Marx also was sitting, trying to follow along as best he could. Kierkegaard considered abandoning Schelling as early as the conclusion of his introductory lecture on November 15, but he decided to continue despite everything. And that was good, because during the second lecture a little miracle, in fact, took place: "I am so happy to have heard Schelling's second lecture—indescribably so. I have long groaned, and thoughts within me have groaned, in travail. Then he spoke the word 'actuality,' about the relation of philosophy to actuality, and the unborn babe of thought within me leapt for joy..."

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